Water , Waves and Sea Turtles with Carole Elliott

Water , Waves and Sea Turtles with Carole Elliott

Carole Elliott captivated the crowd at the First Friday @ Finite evening on 1st April, and that’s no joke!

Carole shared her love of painting water scenes, and gave insight into how she finds the image and prepares it as a subject for her painting. Perhaps one day she will show some of the 1000’s of photographs she has taken as she searches for the material for her paintings.

From a very early pastel painting to her latest large acrylic wave painting, Carole told us of her journey as an artist. Now with a dedicated studio area, she is able to work on a larger scale than the early small pastel works she completed on the dining table.

Her travels to north Queensland have inspired her to paint the sea turtles, which make an adjunct to her other aquatic work. Carole is donating part of the sale of these sea turtle paintings to the Turtle Hospital.

Carole also shared her techniques and showed some of the tools she employs to achieve some of the effects and details in her paintings. There were lots of questions from the painters in the audience, and Carole generously shared her experience with different mediums , fixatives and glazes for both the interactive acrylic paint she uses now, and the pastels that she formerly used.

It was  a fascinating evening. Thank you Carole.

To read more about Carole and see more of her work view the her Artist Profile

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