Look at what the Newcastle Herald’s been saying!

Look at what the Newcastle Herald’s been saying!

Jill Stowell of the Newcastle Herald visited Finite Gallery recently and has written about us in the Art section of this week’s issue.

Here’s what she had to say:



A VISIT to Finite Gallery at Caves Beach found a thriving enterprise with wall space for a constantly changing display of paintings, often with seascape and beach themes. They include work from a wide range of artists, some local, some well-known painters recently retired from teaching.  They are among the tutors of this busy institution’s constantly evolving program for adults and children, experienced artists and enthusiastic beginners. We tend to find Caves Beach challengingly remote. We forget that it is a thriving colony of Sydney, which plays a major role in this gallery’s success.


That’s in this week’s print edition on Page 34, or you can see it here on the web.


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