Finite Gallery Junior Art Prize 2019 Results

Finite Gallery Junior Art Prize 2019 Results

With 98 entries in the Finite Gallery Junior Art Prize, it is the biggest exhibition to date! The standard was extremely high, which made the job of judge Suzanne Reid even harder.

Finite Gallery would like to congratulate all the young artists who entered the competition.

The prize winners are:-

Section A (Kinder – Year 2)

1st – Ruby O’Dwyer

Highly Commended – Lyndsy Brasher, Xavier Diaz, Evangeline Van Kerchof

Commended – Gabby Shepherd, Lucy Watson

Section B (Years 3 -4)

1st – Lacey Joyce

Highly Commended – Fergus Slade, Braith Melville, Evangeline Elliott

Commended – Jay Irvine, Mysha Mohammad Tay, Liam Goodman

Section C (Years 5-6)

1st – Alana Larson

Highly Commended – Declan Wingett, Rodney Harris, Ivy Houghton Tait, Ryan Hall, Olivia Goodman

Commended – Ariel, Addison Beck, Kaiden Goodman

Section D (Years 7-8)

1st – Amy Carroll

Highly Commended – Keisha Day, Madeleine Hayward

Section E (Years 9-10)

1st – Eva Hansen

Highly Commended – Phoebe Puller, Nu Parker

Section F (Years 11-12)

1st – Amelia Bishop-Hellyer

Highly Commended – Lily Cooke, Shania Evans


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