Finite Gallery Junior Art Prize 2016

Finite Gallery Junior Art Prize 2016

On view from 23rd September – 9th October, 2016

Congratulations to everyone who entered the Finite Gallery Junior Art Prize!


Judge, Suzanne Reid, was delighted at the standard of the entries and had a difficult time choosing the prize winners.


Suzanne awarded the prizes to the artworks which displayed a “love of the process of making art”. She commended  all the artists on their work and encouraged them to continue being creative.


And the winners were:

Kinder – yr 2
1st  Prize :                       Thomas Sebire
Highly Commended:    Jack Williams
Highly Commended:    Jett O’Connor
Highly Commended:    Lilly Ibell
Highly Commended:     Emmett Clout
Highly Commended:     Jack Brown
Highly Commended:    Tommy Charman
Highly Commended:    Finn Cartwright
Commended:                  Zaine Harland
Commended:                  Carmen Rendek
Commended:                  Ariella Doyle
Commended:                  Lewis Clout
Commended:                  Thomas Miller

yr 3- yr 4
1st Prize:                         Ella Bretreger
Highly Commended:    Eve Sutherland
Commended:                 Brock Mangnall

yr 5- yr 6
1st Prize:                         Joel Thomas
Highly Commended:   Sibhon Palmer

Commended:                Zachary Bandy
Commended:                Kaelia Dawson

yr 7- yr 8
1st Prize:                        Skylah McLean
Commended:                Phoebe Puller
Commended:                Isaac Stace

yr 9- yr 10
1st Prize :                        Jake Brown
Highly Commended:    Kirra Palmer
Highly Commended:    Alex Lehman

yr 11- yr 12
1st Prize:                           Chloe Hatch
Highly Commended:      Joel Reed
Highly Commended:      Tane Courtney

A special People’s Choice Prize will be awarded at the end of the exhibition,so don’t forget to vote for your favourite when you come to the gallery. Just by voting you could win a Finite Gallery Workshop voucher to the value of $100.

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