‘In 2 Places’ exhibition: 16th – 25th August

‘In 2 Places’ exhibition: 16th – 25th August with

Please join us for  ‘In 2 Places’, an exhibition of paintings by Leslie Duffin held concurrently over two locations: Finite Gallery and The Creator Incubator Gallery.

As the Owner and Director of Finite Gallery, Leslie can be found in the gallery each weekend and through the week teaching the children’s after school art classes. On the days she is not at the gallery, she is working artist in her studio at The Creator Incubator. These two aspects of her life are being reflected by holding exhibitions concurrently at the two locations.

The subjects for the exhibitions are plants from her garden which have come to her as gifts and cuttings. The plants have lived on far longer than the occasion for giving and in some cases, hold memories of friends and family that have passed. There is a link between present and past – between two people – a sharing which transcends time and place. A simple gift can translate to something much more.

Opening events will be held at the two locations:-

The Creator Incubator Gallery: 6 – 8pm, Friday 16th August

Finite Gallery: 2 – 4pm, Saturday 17th August.

Please join Leslie for these two events – everyone is welcome!


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