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Red Z Objects

My work is currently based on making wearable and interior objects adopting materials initially used for packaging of food and everyday products. Plastics, nylon mesh, cellophane, bamboo and varied metals are combined to illustrate that waste materials with their durable qualities can be made effective as both adornment and as well be practical.

Colour is a strong element within the objects and is made visible with the recycling of the used materials. My work is imbued with a sense of fun, serious only in so far as making the most of used materials and by keeping them from landfill.

Most of the works using recycled materials are still experimental and considered to be in their infant stages. I continue this way in the hope of finding a pathway of making sustainable, interesting and clever objects with long term outcomes for my practice.

As a constructionist, at other times my objects rely on the principle of tension while in addition using steel wire, handmade connectors or with readymade fasteners. This method stems from my previous practice as a contemporary wearable object maker designer.


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