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I paint the world I see and experience around me.

My work is primarily inspired by the landscape and the beauty, shapes, textures, simplicities and complexities within that landscape. I choose to work abstractly, at times utilising collage and impastoed areas with oils, acrylic, and other mixed media to produce bold works on canvas, board and paper.

Working intuitively, I rely on shape and colour to interpret my feelings for the landscape from both an aerial perspective and close up.
My work grows from a process of experimentation as I attempt to break down the subject matter to the sheer essence of what I experience and see around me, rather than a literal interpretation of the subject matter.
I am greatly influenced by rock platforms and ledges at the edge of the ocean, their patterns and formations, rock pools and the sea-life they contain. It all provides inspiration for my work!

As well as nature, I have also have a long-held interest in ancient civilisations and stone manipulated by humans – ancient stone ruins, “standing stones” and burial chambers (long barrows) found throughout Europe, also inform some of my paintings.


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