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 Leah has a Bachelor of Fine Art from UNSW and has been practicing as an Artist part time while working in community cultural development and the arts.  It was a wonderful opportunity helping Artisans and communities realise their goals,  however it was time to be a full time creative.  Colour Clouds came into being as a result of wanting art and design to fill a home, not just for the walls – to make art with a function creating beautiful textiles.  Unique one off home wares is her passion.

Colour clouds is gorgeous lush textile design, with inspiration found in the natural world, with the patterns created suggestive of orchids and hibiscus as the colours cloud into beautiful floral patterns.

The technique Leah uses to dye her home wares gives her the opportunity to translate that inspiration into dreamy and unique pieces. The final result comes with really special surprises creating floral shapes and patterns.  Leah always have new ideas bubbling up and  is constantly experimenting with new colour combinations and fabrics.

Leah creates stunning pillowcases, doona covers and cushions using the finest quality 1000 thread count polished cotton sheeting for the doona’s which are hand dyed and sewn.   Each piece is individually created with the dyeing process taking 4-5 days, therefore no two are alike. 





Using quality fabric and dye gets the stunning results.  The Cushions are made from 100% cotton velvet, linen and finely woven heavy weight cotton.  Each cushion is unique and with the dyeing process all are individual.

The stretched artworks are pieces that have been dyed and over dyed to create artworks that draw you in to the depth of colours and patterns.



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