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Of himself, Jayde writes:

“Colour is the hero, the brighter the better. I’m just the lucky one who gets to repackage it for the observer”
The subject matter for my work comes from my subconscious, with scenes that resemble a place, that exists somewhere, familiar yet hard to remember.
As an emerging Australian Artist I have a wealth of life experience to draw upon. I have a military background which has been overshadowed by a reasonable amount of time served in maximum security prison. As a true military man, i was able to use the skills acquired through service to help me improvise, overcome and turn around what would normally be a life devastating event into an all-out positive assault, producing a staggering amount of work within a three year period.
I work from my studio in Newcastle Art Space, and at the respected Newcastle Art School, TAFE NSW, where I’m completing a Diploma of Visual Arts and next year, an Advanced Diploma.
I have developed a style which can be recognised across a variety of mediums. I am not afraid to tackle controversial subjects or to delve into the world of abstraction. I work to find a balance between what is technically correct and artistically appealing, breaking the rules to find a new path. Mistakes can make the most interesting pieces.
My current body of work crosses the boundaries between contemporary abstract and portraiture, a graphic kaleidoscope full of energy and bursting at the seams.


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