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A New Zealand potter, Janet Graham has recently relocated Newcastle from Darwin.

In 1993 she moved to NSW with her family and with the opportunity of extending her skills, she enrolled at the Illawarra TAFE. In 1996 Janet completed a Certificate in Ceramics. Armed with her new knowledge and skills, Janet has been creating beautiful ceramics for over 20 years now.

Janet enjoys working with texture and repetitive designs, particularly in black and white. This work has been received well by Bendigo Pottery, Victoria.
Using both her hand building and wheel skills, Janet also produces works that are imaginative pieces. Putting her, own spin on wildlife and mythical creatures.

I recently read a quote that said ‘Creating is good for the soul’.

The art of handmade is so important, as it lets the person express themselves in a way no one else can. It’s an extension of a person and hopefully it will give a little piece of happiness to someone else. When I’m creating I feel calm, happy and excited all at once. Handmade items let your imagination take flight.

I hope you enjoy my work and dare to imagine.



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Janet Graham

Flower Bowl


6cm x 13cm approx